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  1. EUTR that deals with the due diligence system (DDS) as referred to in Article 4(2). Article 6 describes in general terms the DDS that economic operators should have in place to make sure they place only legally harvested timber and products derived from such timber on the internal market. The DDS should contain the following 3 elements: 1
  2. DDS Útmutató EU Bizottság hivatalos EUTR Útmutatója. Kereskedői EUTR nyilvántartás - útmutató Kereskedői nyomon követési kötelezettség - összefoglaló. Faanyag nyomon követéséhez alapvetően szükséges adatok. Nemzetközi civil szervezetek illegális fakitermeléssel kapcsolatos anyaga
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  4. Welcome to the ISC 2017. On behalf of the German Timber Trade Federation (GD Holz), EOS and ETTF warmly welcome you to the wonderful city of Hamburg for the 65th International Softwood Conference 2017
  5. gs detected through the checks referred to in Articles 8(4) and 10(1) of the EUTR and on the types of penalties imposed in accordance with Article 19 of the EUTR, identifying best practices and sharing lessons learnt

The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) came into effect in March 2013, with the aim of preventing sales of illegal timber and timber products in the EU market. Now, any actor who places timber or timber products on the market for the first time must ensure that the timber used has been legally harvested and (where applicable) exported legally from the. (Paragraph 16, EUTR). The main elements of DDS: Schematic representation of the Due Diligence system . A. Access to information: Access to information is the first requirement for implementing a DDS. The obligation of operators to inform themselves and to allow access to information on the supply of timber or timber products is regulated by art.

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UKTR and EUTR Risk Assessment and Supply Chain Management using the Global Product Tracker Information on your products can be uploaded by you, EnviroSense, or your suppliers onto EnviroSense's Global Product Tracker (GPT). GPT is a supplier management tool that houses necessary records for compliance with UKTR and EUTR requirements. DDS Útmutató - Segédletek az EUTR szerinti dokumentációs rendszer összeállításához 2016. június 27. A 2013. március 3-án hatályba lépett EUTR szabályozás előírja, hogy a fa vagy fatermék első alkalommal történő forgalomba helyezése során kellő gondossággal kell eljárni The LegalSource Due Diligence System is EUTR-compliant and comprises of tools and templates to help you exercise due diligence. LegalSource Certificate Database. Find and verify valid LegalSource certificates. * Indicates that NEPCon is Monitoring Organisation. Timber regulations PEFC DDS is fully aligned with EUTR and an integral part of PEFC Chain of Custody certification. Proof of traceability. PEFC Chain of Custody certification tracks wood from sustainable sources through the supply chain to the final product. It demonstrates that each step of the supply chain is closely monitored through independent auditing to.


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  1. imizing the risk that controversial material enters chain of custody. This principle works on the basis of three steps: Gathering of information (clause 5.2). 2. Risk assessment (clause 5.3). 3. Risk mitigation (clause 5.5 & 5.6)
  2. Az EUTR szabályozás bevezetése, felépítése A faanyag kereskedelmi lánc szereplőit érintő jogszabályi rendelkezések ismertetése A kellő gondosság elvén alapuló (DDS) rendszer kidolgozása Az EUTR kötelezettségekkel összhangban módosított nyomtatványok alkalmazása. Forrás: NÉBIH
  3. Operator's obligations under the EUTR: • Operators are required to work with a fit for purpose Due Diligence System (DDS). They can choose to apply their own DDS or that of a Monitoring Organisation (licensing costs may apply). • Regardless of whichever system the Operator chooses to apply, the DDS must b
  4. ate the illegal wood from european market 目的:从欧洲市场消除非 (Legal wood is wood issued from an forest exploitation in accordance with the law of the harvesting country)
  5. result of the application of a robust EUTR DDS) may be placed on the EU market. Product for which the risk of illegality is deemed to be more than negligible cannot be placed on the Irish market, as the EUTR specifically prohibits the first placement of illegal timber and/or timber products on the EU market
  6. MASS AS has a Due Diligence System (DDS) in place that includes the following elements which are outlined in Article 6 of the EUTR: Access to information about the supply of timber, including description, trade name and type of product, tree species, country of harvest, quantity, name and address of the supplier and trader and documents or.

The EUTR DDS includes three elements to minimise the risk that timber products come from illegal harvesting: Information: Companies must have access to information specifying the timber and timber products, country of harvest, species, quantity, details of the supplier and information on compliance with national legislation. Risk assessment A DDS is a system to assess the risk of timber or a timber product being from an illegal source. Due to the product exceptions given by the EUTR, many companies have been selective in terms of applying a DDS, which can be a very difficult and time consuming exercise - particularly for highly processed products such as paper

Some indicators demonstrating the low ownership of the EUTR were found. Apart from this very few answers to the questionnaires, these included difficulties in understanding the implementation of due diligence systems (DDS), in finding information related to the DDS, and thus in estimating the risk of illegality What is Due Diligence System (DDS)? EUTR; Implementing Regulation 1) Access to information What type of information? Art. 6(1)(a), EUTR When is the full scientific name of the tree species; the sub-national region and the concession of harvest required? Art. 3,IR - full scientific name - ambiguity in the use of the common name exists Its DDS is assessed against the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR). Enforcement of the EUTR began in March 2013 and is compulsory for all companies importing wood-based material from outside. The EUTR in shortAs of the 3rd of March 2013 the European Timber Regulation (EUTR) came into effect. The key objective of the EUTR is to ban illegally harvested wood from entering the EU market by providing requirements on transparency in the supply chain and performing risk-assessments on the legality of the incoming material. This regulation imposes strict requirements fo

EU木材規則関連法令・ガイダンス. EUTRと細則. EU木材規則:Regulation (EU) No 995/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 October 2010 laying down the obligations of operators who place timber and timber products on the market〔外部リンク〕 報告書(関連部分抜粋)(令和2年3月) (PDF : 1.08MB) EU木材規則のデューデリジェンス. EUTR DDS: Cameroon (Protected) presentation for April 2016 TREE workshop By Armand Stockmans - SOMEX NV Cras Group Belgium View Publication. For a copy of this presentation, please contact info [at] forest-trends.org Our credentials. By engaging with us, you will tap into world-class timber legality expertise. Our e xperience extends to most business sectors and numerous geographic regions.. EU recognition. Preferred by Nature is recognised by the European Commission as an EUTR Monitoring Organisation (MO) and is listed on the EU website.In 2013, Preferred by Nature was the first organisation to receive.

The key elements of a EUTR compatible DDS are (i) adequate information on the origin of the biomass and its supply chain up to the operator that places it into the EU market, (ii) risk assessment and (iii) risk mitigation to minimise the possibility of illegal procurement The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) Factsheet. The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) was signed in 2010 and entered into force in March 2013. It is one component of the EU Forest, Law, Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan, and it is the responsibility of each of the 28 Member States to implement and enforce it

The EUTR and its DDS indeed places itself in the centre of concurring forest regulations and might turn out to be a smart policy mix. See: FH Kistenkas, Concurring regulation in European forest law. Forest certification and the new EU Timber regulation, Gaia 22/3 (2013): 166-168 DDS, which can be a challenge. For clarity, this guide first briefly describes how a DDS should look in general. Then it explains how the FSC scheme helps in compliance with the DDS requirements, as far as it concerns FSC-certified products and CW materials. 5 Annex to the EUTR, see also Annex to this Implementation Guide European Timber Regulation (EUTR) The EU Timber Regulation applies since 2013 and is implemented in the EU member states by national laws. Operators according to the EUTR definition are obliged to establish and operate a so called due diligence system, DDS. One of its essential elements is the timber identification, since all used timber (wood. Clarification regarding due diligence for Lacey Act compliance for the U.S. lumber industry has come from an unlikely source: Europe! Because the European Union's Timber Regulation (EUTR) includes specific guidelines for a compliant Due Diligence System (DDS), it can help inform those in the U.S. who are looking for clarity regarding that all-too-vague requirement also outlined in the.

The EUTR requires Operators to implement and follow a Due Diligence System (DDS) for all timber and timber-based products. A DDS is a system to assess the risk of timber or a timber product being from an illegal source. many companies have been selective in terms of applying a DDS, which can be a very difficult an Az Országgyűlés a 2015. április 14-i ülésnapján elfogadta az erdőről, az erdő védelméről és az erdőgazdálkodásról szóló törvény módosítását, melyben EUTR - az Európai Parlament és a Tanács 995/2010/EU rendelete (2010. október 20.) a fát és fatermékeket piaci forgalomba bocsátó piaci szereplők kötelezettségeinek meghatározásáról - hazai. EUTR control procedure Contact - approx. three weeks notice Company presentation Informing about the EUTR when needed Walkthrough of the DDS including the samples Tour on company site Photographing samples/bring samples to the offic EUTR: It works with FSC - German Article in the Holzzentralblatt (2nd Nov. 2012) 1 2 1 332 64 This article (in German) describes the implementation of a DDS in practical ways in a company and how the FSC certification system can help to implement each step

An operator is required to carryout a Due Diligence System (DDS) that must include the following elements which are clearly outlined in Article 6 of the EUTR: Access to information about the supply of timber and timber products, including description, trade name and type of product, tree species, country of harvest, quantity, name and address. Due diligence The EUTR requires Operators to implement and follow a Due Diligence System (DDS) for all timber and timberbased products. A DDS is a system to assess the risk of timber or a timber. (DDS) according to the requirements for Sourcing FSC Controlled Wood (CW) Standard (FSC-STD-40-005 V3-1). FSC Controlled Wood supports the use of FSC Mix products and the establishes minimum legal, environmental, and social requirements for non-certified fiber that can be mixed in with FSC certified fiber

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  1. Egy hónap haladék EUTR ügyben, a DDS-t pedig már régen alkalmazni kellene FATÁJ 2016-07-01. A NÉBIH képviselte Magyarországot az EUTR egyeztetésenA NÉBIH képviselte Magyarországot az EUTR egyeztetésen FATÁJ 2016-06-24. Gyűjtemény az EUTR-ről: háttér, bevezetés lépései FATÁJ 2016-06-2
  2. Egy hónap haladék EUTR ügyben, a DDS-t pedig már régen alkalmazni kellene. A link elhelyezve 2016.08.06.-án: Fakereskedők a számok tükrében - 2015. A link elhelyezve 2016.09.20.: Uniós jóváhagyás a magyar EUTR rendszer működéséhez. A link elhelyezve 2016.10.06.-án: Friss EUTR GYIK a NÉBIH-EI-nél. A link elhelyezve 2016.11.
  3. EUTR front-end (Dashboard (Határidők, Lejáró engedélyek, Hírek, DDS: EUTR front-end (Dashboard, Adataim, Készletnyilvántartó, E-szállítójegy, Fásításból származó fakitermelés bejelentése, Erdőgazdálkodási tevékenység végrehajtásának bejelentése, Műveleti lap bejelentése, Intézkedések és jogkövetkezmények nyilvántartása, Tűzifát okosan alkalmazás.
  4. The EUTR requires companies and their suppliers to ensure compliance of wood-based packaging. Compliance obligations depend on which company has placed the material on the market in the EC. For packaging imported into the EU for use in any EU-based operations, companies must ensure full compliance with EUTR Due Diligence System (DDS.
  5. EUTR cikkek az Erdő-Mező Online erdészeti portálon >>> 2015-ben kötelezettségszegési eljárás indult hazánk ellen, mivel az EUTR rendszer bevezetésének halasztásával mi voltunk az utolsó tagország, aki ezáltal jogtalan előnyökkel rendelkezett az uniós piacokon. (DDS) alapuló dokumentációs rendszert kell alkalmazni.
  6. The DDS process has to be effected prior to placing any order for the timber products to ensure that the products being purchased and subsequently placed on the EU market are compliant with the EUTR and carry negligible risk of being illegal. The due diligence system is based on three main elements: 1

EU further down the supply chain. The EUTR covers a broad range of timber products including solid wood products, flooring, plywood, pulp and paper. 4 What are the Key Elements of the EUTR DDS? The EUTR Due Diligence System (DDS) includes the following three elements to minimize the risk that timber products come from illegal harvesting: 1 covering the EUTR requirements The DDS shall be reviewed and amended on a regular basis The implementation of the DDS shall be verified by a) the Competent Authority (CA) of the particular EU member state b) a Monitoring Organization (MO) - Operator shall implement the DDS offered by the particular MO - Reduction of additional audits by CA depth requirements to comply with EUTR. Operators have two due diligence options for all timber products placed on the EU market: • Establish and regularly evaluate a Due Diligence System (DDS) or • Use a DDS provided to you by a third party. Products covered by EUTR Not every timber-based product is covered by the Regulation. Exception

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  1. for DDS obligation, including 104 that led to a penalty. Although targets for checks were not met, this frequency of controls shows that the Romanian CA showed efforts to quickly implement the EUTR, a positive trend that should kept being encouraged. The CA explains that checks are systematically targeting the due diligence systems as well as th
  2. or if this should be reported to the prosecutor for breaches of the DDS or prohibition obligations. This is an important step as decisions made after a control are crucial to assess the proper functioning of the EUTR, as this is when the CA decides if an operator should be warned, fined, prosecuted or else
  3. · QA-EUTR rev 01-21-13 Questions & Answers about FSC and the EU Timber Regulation revised 21 January 2013 PDF, Size: 420,57 KB Added: Tuesday, 22. January 201
  4. (EUTR). This version is a 2nd update of the one published in March 2013. The original version came (DDS) to reduce the risk of placing such illegal timber/products on the market. 1 FSC controlled wood material is only allowed to be used by FSC-certified chain of custody certificat
  5. EUTR knowledge, Funded by the LIFE programme of the European Union and UK Aid from the UK government. set up a DDS •The FULL NEPCon DDS for download •Templates and tools to set up a DDS On the Sourcing Hub . Information gathering . EUTR knowledge, tools and trainin

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The EUTR was initiated during the G8 Summit in Birmingham (1998) and was finally approved by the European Parliament in Strasbourg (2010). (DDS) or • Use a DDS provided to you by a third party STATEMENT OF COMPANY COMMITMENT Bargaintown Ltd has an obligation under the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) to ensure that all the timber products we place on the market have negligible risk of originating from sources where there is evidence of contravention of forest legislation. In order to have independen when implementing DDS to comply with the EUTR, pro viding further explanations or examples. A significant increase of bureaucracy and administrative costs was stressed by the Austria • Größte MO weltweit (DDS, Beratung, Auditierung) • Aufgaben nach EUTR: DDS, Überwachung, Meldung • 10 Länderprofile / 30 Schulungen / 15 Audits pro Jahr • Version 2.0 Bürokratie vs. Mittelstand • MO ist die Mittelstandskomponente der EUTR • Dokumentenmanagement • Kommunikation • Lieferkette • Auditierun Failure to maintain and regularly evaluates a DDS as per Art. 6 EUTR and grant operators the right to use it Failure to verify the proper use of its DDS by operators Failure to take appropriate action in the event of failure by an operator to properly use its DDS, including notifying CAs in the event of significant or repeated failure by the.

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  1. Th EUTR i t t tThe EUTR requires operators to carry out d dilidue diligence when placing timber products on the market for the first time. Traders A trader is any natural or legal person, who in the course of a commercial activity, sells or buys timber or timber products ald l d thit l ktlready placed on the internal market
  2. The EUTR existing reference to risk mitigation and the Due Diligence System can be woven into this type of guidance. Procedural law. The main procedural dimension of the EUTR is the Due Diligence System (DDS), whose mandatory elements are described in Article 6 (see Appendix)
  3. DDS FSC . PDF . SVEZA-Les Due Diligence System according to European Union Timber Regulation EUTR №995/2010 . PDF . f +7 (812) 648-16-10 . 192012, St. Petersburg, Obukhovskoy Oborony Avenue, Building 112, Letter 3 Show on the map.
  4. Consequences for Companies Operators shall implement a Due Diligence System (DDS), covering the EUTR requirements The DDS shall be reviewed and amended on a regular basis The implementation of the DDS shall be verified by a) Monitoring Organization (MO) organization shall implement the DDS offered by the particular Monitoring Organizatio
  5. 1 September 2017, more staff were added to the EUTR inspection team, including a full time equivalent member of staff on EUTR controls. They plan to carry out 50 - 100 inspections per year. Press coverage can be found here, here and here, among other sources available
  6. The DDS is a systematic approach to assess the risk related to illegally harvested wood in line with the EUTR. Why choose TÜV SÜD TÜV SÜD Czech is a trusted market leader for credible CoC certification
  7. 3. Identification of the alleged breach of the EUTR (illegal timber on the market/lack of DDS/not maintaining DDS). 4. The type of evidence e.g. photo, reports, witness, information from reliable sources such as Interpol, Custom Authorities, Producer Country Authorities, Third Country Authorities, etc. 5

Article 6 of the EUTR - Due Diligence Systems (DDS): The due diligence system referred to in Article 4(2) shall contain the following elements: (a) measures and procedures providing access to the following information concerning the operator's supply of timber or timber products placed on the market The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) prohibits the placing on the market of illegally (DDS) to minimise the risk of putting such illegal timber or derived products on the market. The DDS is to consist of three elements: information, risk assessment and risk mitigation. Information - the common name of tree species, and, where applicable, th The EUTR prohibits illegally logged timber on the EU market; EU operators must exercise a due diligence system (DDS) and maintain an up-to-date record system for suppliers and customers. Apart from the EUTR, the Russian government introduced Federal Law 415 in December 2013

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Forests | January 2016 - Browse ArticlesHow To Do Lacey Act Due DiligenceConsmos 3 Star 18mm Film Faced Plywood Brown/black/redKraft Paper Shopping Bag Recycled Paper Bag - Buy CraftNews | NEPCon recognised as Monitoring Organisation inCartoon Style Supplies Students Custom Design Print Paper
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